‘Delay in floating party not due to fear: Kamal Haasan

‘Delay in floating party not due to fear: Kamal Haasan

Kamal bemoans people’s ‘forgetfulness’; says he is working on a manifesto that will stand the test of time

Reiterating his commitment to take the political plunge, actor Kamal Haasan has said that the launch of his political party was delayed not because of “fear or doubt”, but because of the “meticulous planning,” it requires.

“It is my wish that the manifesto of my party should outlive me. I believe that political parties should be launched by those who agree that they should outlive them. A political party for one or two generations is like a bypass bridge for a short term. A political party should stand like the Pamban bridge that withstands roaring waves. People know how much time it takes [to launch] such a political party,” he said in his column in the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan published on Thursday.

Pointing out that “forgetfulness of the people was the capital” of those who exploit them, Mr. Haasan said there was a need to remember all important political developments.

“If those (in Chennai) who struggled in neck-deep water in the December (2015) floods require a reminder, what about others?” he asked.


Competition with Rajini

In an oblique reference to the entry of Rajinikanth into politics and the likely straining of the relationship between them as and when he [Mr. Haasan] starts his own party, he said progress could not be delayed by factors like competition and envy.

“I am not talking about my own progress. If we are content with what he has, we would not have evolved into walking monkeys, invented wheels and created the airplane by taking inspiration from birds,” he said.

Mr. Haasan said the periods that saw great strides being made were his aspirations.

“It is my ideology. My politics is to travel towards that goal. But I do not like to turn friends into enemies, fuel the enmity and make it into a propaganda to entrench my position. I do not like to travel in the established tradition of politics. The youth also would not accept such a leadership,” he said.

He said it was not his “dictatorial attitude” that prevented his fan clubs from holding the demonstration against the supporters of sidelined AIADMK leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran who burnt effigies of the actor following the latter’s comments condemning the distribution of money during the by-poll to the Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly constituency.

“It was my duty to control them. Suppose 500 of them were arrested and lodged in jail, who will take responsibility for their families. What are we going to achieve through demonstrations and what way would it benefit the people? When the issue becomes a constructive discussion, we can hold meetings and express our views. Mere sloganeering is unnecessary,” he said.



source: thehindu.com



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