Gautami Tadimalla was asked if she would support Kamal Haasan in politics. Here’s her response

On Saturday, Gautami Tadimalla was asked if she would support Kamal Haasan if he entered politics. Read on to find out what she had to say.

Gautami was asked this at a press conference in Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal on Saturday. She didn’t say no. But she didn’t say yes either.

This was her cryptic response: “Political leadership is a separate issue. We all have the responsibility to support the right person as a political leader.”

At the same press conference, Gautami also discussed the judicial probe into former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s death. It was she who wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi days after the AIADMK supremo died, pointing out that there was “a sheer volume of unanswered questions” about her hospitalisation, treatment, reported recovery and sudden death. She was one of the first to seek a probe into her demise.

On Saturday, she said that probe should be conducted “without any partiality.” It should provide clarity, and make the truth known to the people, she said.

Gautami’s remarks came at a dengue awareness programme, where urged the public to keep the environment clean to curb mosquito breeding.

Source: indiatoday



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