Kamal Haasan asks trolls to spare Kajol for her selfie mistake!

Kamal Haasan asks trolls to spare Kajol for her selfie mistake!

Kajol gets support from Kamal Haasan!

On Friday, Kajol posted a picture of herself beaming in the company of Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Haasan at the 23rd Kolkata International Film Festival. She looked really happy to be clicking a picture with them which can be guessed from the her status as well. She wrote, “Selfie time with two legends ….. couldn’t resist.” While people loved the picture, they couldn’t help but point out the error in it. Someone else had clicked the picture of the three talented people in one frame but she called it a selfie. Obviously, people felt the need to remind her that it’s not what she thinks it is but trolls saw the room here to laugh at her. It’s an honest mistake we will say and it’s fine. To err is human you see. But guess someone was really hurt at the way Kajol got called out for calling it a selfie when it wasn’t. Kamal Haasan came out in support of the actress asking people to spare her!

Kamal Haasan took to Twitter saying…


Earlier Kajol had posted this…


If we talk about the event, it was a star-studded affair and was also attended by Shah Rukh Khan and biggies from the Bengali Film Industry. There too, all people could talk about was how SRK was bonding with Kajol on stage. We even shared those pictures with you. These two we tell you…whether in a film or off screen, this on screen couple manages to make us go awww aloud all the time!


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