Kamal sir is capable of bringing a change: Actor Prasanna (Video)

Kamal sir is capable of bringing a change: Actor Prasanna (Video)

It’s been a few weeks since Thupparivalan hit screens, but Prasanna is still basking in the success of the film. The actor says,”It’s good to see people coming to the theatre and watching the film. We are now planning to make a sequel to it. In fact, the idea for the sequel came up while making the first part itself, but we wanted to gauge the reactions of the audience. After the first week, Vishal, who is also the film’s producer, said, ‘Let’s do a sequel fast.’ The sequel will also star Vishal and myself and will be directed by Mysskin.

Prasanna, who began his career with chocolate boy roles, has been increasingly taking the plunge into negative roles. “People still ask when I would play another character like the one in Anjathe. Now, I am playing a negative role yet again in Thiruttu Payale 2. I didn’t get very strong villain roles till now. Though I played a character with shades of grey in Muran, it didnot get attention. Thiruttu Payale 2 came at the right time when I was undergoing a physical transformation. Bobby Simhaa and Amala Paul play the lead and I play the baddie. It’s exciting to team up with Susi Ganesan, with whom I am working after 15 long years,” he says.

Video Source: Thanthi TV

Have negative roles become a fad? “I think people now like characters with shades of grey. But, at the same time, they blame cinema for incidents happening in the society. If a guy is bad, uses beeda and spouts cuss words, how can you not show him smoking on screen? Why force these restrictions into films? Kamal Sir stopped smoking cigarettes many years ago onscreen and offscreen. How many of us stopped smoking after that? Web series has a bit of freedom. Maari director Balaji Mohan made a web series and it was refreshing to watch something different.”


Would Prasanna be willing to act in one? “I am ready to act in any platform that tells a story. I have always been willing to act with new directors. While doing Kanda Naal Muthal, its director Priya was new to the industry. Radha Mohan was a new director when we made Azhagiya Theeye. When I worked with RS Prasanna in Kalyana Samayal Saadham, he had only worked in short films. We got a lot of appreciation for the film. It was also remade in Hindi.”


All said and done, why is there a huge gap between his films? “When I left my hometown Trichy with dreams to become an actor, I didn’t know anything about cinema. I had a huge wish to do good films and good characters. But, sometimes it takes a really long time to get these characters. After Pulivaal, Pa. Pandi released after a gap of three years. But, the movie won many hearts and got me a lot of appreciation.”


Movie titles have been embroiled in controversies and there is intervention from the court as well of late. When quizzed about the same, Prasanna says, “Why is that these controversies surface only 10 days before a movie release? This has become a common affair with big movies. Why don’t they announce it earlier? When these issues are taken to court, they intervene. The court is only doing its job.”


Veteran actor Kamal Haasan is actively talking about entering politics. What does Prasanna have to think about it? “I can only say, ‘Vandha nalla irukkum.’ (It would be nice it comes). We need a change in governance. We haven’t benefitted much from parties that have governed us. We continue to battle with poverty, unequipped and dysfunctional hospitals. Kamal Sir is intelligent and is capable of bringing a change. But, there are other factors that will play a crucial role in it. The public has to vote and the party has to win. We will have to wait and watch.”


Source: TimesofIndia



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