We shouldn’t need a leader, we should lead: Kamal Haasan

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Speaking at a programme during Times Lit Fest 2017, Kamal Haasan shared his varied opinions on various issues plaguing the country


Ever since Kamal Haasan announced he was joining politics, the country has been wondering as to how the actor is going to go about it. Kamal Haasan was present in the capital recently for a programme. In the programme, moderated by Editor-in-chief of Times Now, Rahul Shivshankar, Haasan shared his varied opinions on various issues plaguing the country. When asked when he is going to join politics, he didn’t give any date or details but just said it was going to happen soon enough. Dodging the question of what he is going to name his party, Haasan said that he had a name on his mind but we would have to wait till the official announcement.

One thing that the actor was pretty vocal about was the fact that he will first look after his state of Tamil Nadu as it is going through some major political reforms and, if possible, only then he will have a nationwide approach towards things. When asked who his inspiration is, Haasan said that he sees a bit of Gandhi in himself and admires what he stood for. When Shivshankar asked which politicians he sees as idols, he said that everyone, who does good work, inspires him.

When asked about the condition of social media in the country, Haasan said, “Twitter is a personal medium for me”. And for the continuous monitoring of social media, he said that it shouldn’t be done. Asked to speak about the Padmavati controversy, he said that his own film Viswaroopam was stuck the same way Padmavati is. It is impossible to keep everyone happy, so conflicts will be there, he added. However, he said, “Don’t create a ruckus when you’ve not seen the movie.”

For his political goals, he was seen quoting Martin Luther King as he said, “I have a dream. To bring about a change”. He was quoted saying, “We are a young country and will take on any hardships but it is not being taken seriously which is why an actor is trying to be politician”. When asked which party he is launching himself from, he said, “I am not just launching myself. I am launching change which is why I can’t have other people’s/party’s baggages”. “I am strangely speaking a language which I should’ve spoken 40 years ago. Better late than never”.

The audience also got a chance to interact with the star in which questions were asked. Some of them were-:

1) Who do you think is the new generation politician and what qualities he should have?


2) You said you’re not sure if you’ll be Chief Minister. Are you sure now?

We shouldn’t need a leader. We should lead.

3) One thing that keeps you going?

To survive and do that with dignity.

4) Which role you played gave you maximum satisfaction?

This one I’m playing.

5) Will you be the Prime Minister if given the chance?

I am the prime suspect now. Chief or prime don’t matter and I’ll accept whatever post you give me. I may sound like an activist, so be it.


source : nationalheraldindia.com



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