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'People like Kamal Haasan should join politics': Bigg Boss Oviya Supports Ulaganayagan

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Oviya has said that people like Kamal Haasan were ‘necessary’ in politics. Speaking to media persons in Coimbatore on Thursday, Oviya said, “Politics is a good platform to serve people. Many people join and misuse it for fame or money. Personally, I like Kamal sir because he is first a human being. That’s the way he sees it. These are the kind of people who should join

Kamal Haasan issues an apologize for supported the government’s demonetization move

Kamal Haasan is one of the few actors in Kollywood, who shows a keen inclination towards politics. As a result, his opinions on government policies and current affairs are taken very seriously and now he has made a very interesting statement on one such pressing issue. Video Source: Republic World According to reports, the Ulaganayagan has now issued an apology for supporting the government’s demonetization move. The actor had initially hailed the move from the Modi government.